VINTER CAPITAL GROUP is a joint stock company which was founded by Malaysian and Vietnamese Advisor Experts in 2011.

VINTER CAPITAL GROUP is an incorporate which was established according to business registration no. 0311174640 of  Ho Chi Minh City Planning and Investing Department, which was issued on 24/09/2011 as the first edition.

Our Businesses cover Real Estate Development, Hotel and Resort Operation in Ho Tram, Vacation Package and Limousine Service in Vietnam.  Professional Consultancy in Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong.


VINTER CAPITAL GROUP是一家股份制公司,由馬來西亞和越南顧問專家於2011年成立。

VINTER CAPITAL GROUP是根據商業登記號碼建立的合併。 胡志明市規劃和投資部0311174640,於2011年9月24日發布,作為第一版。

我們的業務涵蓋越南的Ho Tram房地產開發,酒店和度假村運營,度假套餐和豪華轎車服務。 越南,日本,泰國和香港的專業顧問。

With the 7-year experience at Vietnam market,VINTER CAPITAL GROUP has become the business transit between Vietnam and the world. We have been also the reliable partner, a Vietnamese Brand that people trust, and gradually developed into a global brand.

藉在越南市場7年的經驗,VINTER CAPITAL GROUP已成為越南與世界之間的商業交通。 我們也是可靠的合作夥伴,一個人們信賴的越南品牌,並逐漸發展成為一個全球品牌。


Headquarter: 20/71 Ho Dac Di, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC
Telephone, Fax: 0873 036 246 – 0938 999 971
Ho Tram Representative Office: Vietsovpetro resort Ho Tram – Phuoc Thuan Hamlet – Xuyen Moc Town – Ba Ria Vung Tau
Hong Kong Representative Office: 12/F Wing On Plaza Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong